Conferences & Communications

  • Optimization of the process from PAXgene handling to qPCR data leads to a robust workflowGuillet M. Advances in qPCR Conference, à Boston, MA, USA les April 19th et 20th 2012
  • Gene Expression Biomarker Development, a Perspective from the Biotech Industry. Ashton-Chess J. 2nd International conference on Transplantomics and Biomarkers in organ Transplantation, Barcelona 2011. (invited lecture)
  • Biomarkers of Operational Tolerance. Ashton-Chess J. 8th International Congress of Lung Transplantation, Paris, 2008 (invited lecture).
  • T cell repertoire analysis of stable kidney graft recipients for detection of low and high risk of chronic rejection. Miqueu P, Guillet M, Giral M, Ruiz C, Braudeau C, Pallier A, Doré J-C, Thervet E, Legendre C, Hernandez-Fuentes M , Craciun L, Sagoo P, Le Moine A, Sawitszk B, Rovis F, Jimenez E, Peters B, Chapman S, Roberts I, Sergeant R, Hilton R, Warrens A, Goldman M, Volk HD, Janssen U, Wood K, Lechler RI, Qannari E, Sébille V, Bertrand D, Soulillou J-P and Brouard S. 8th International Conference on new trends in Immunosuppression & Immunotherapy, Berlin, 2008 (selected abstract). Young Investigators Award for Best Oral Presentation Abstract.
  • Statistical approaches for T cell repertoire investigations. Miqueu M. Congrès de la Société Française d’Immunologie, Lyon 2007 (invited speaker).
  • Discrimination of Kidney Transplant Recipients Presenting Operational Tolerance or Chronic Rejection Based on Recognition of T Cell Receptor CDR3 Length Distribution Patterns. Miqueu P, Guillet M, Doré J-C, Soulillou J-P and Brouard S. World Transplant Congress, Boston 2006 (selected abstract).

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