Our approach

TcLand Expression offers to Pharma/Biotech partners its expertise in the development of Companion Diagnostics, based on its Gene Expression Biomarkers platform. As for TcLand Expression‘s proprietary biomarkers, partnered Companion Diagnostics will be developed according to our integrated approach.

TcLand established and heavily invested since 2002 in building a state-of-the-art R&D powerhouse with a best in-class EU dimension laboratory and integrated aggressive patenting engine. The whole R&D process is based on expertise, know-how and IP generation around molecular understanding of the immune system using in silico methods, sample access, clinical validation and clinical trials designed with strong regulatory compliance both with EMA FDA and Quality Programs. The company built over time a proprietary database, TcLand AtlasTM, using pan-genomic data derived from over hundreds of samples to measure, quantify and analyse information using intelligent data mining, biostatistics and bioinformatics (see below).

Our research and discovery process

TcLand Expression is proficient in the development of Companion Diagnostics for obtaining regulatory approval at the same time as receiving approval for the associated treatment.

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